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Full control of the production line

At Isigny Sainte-Mère, the entire production process is integrated and controlled by us.

From collecting the milk from our producers to dispatching the finished products, the milk, the ingredients and then the milk powder follow a complex production process. During the many stages of transport, transformation and packaging, they are stringently tested and tracked to ensure total control.

For our various milk powders, we opt for a unique 100% liquid-phase production process, using milk, oils and dry ingredients. This wet mixture is pasteurised, homogenised and concentrated before going to our MSD (Multi Stage Dryer) towers. This completely atomised process is the safest on the market and the most effective for obtaining a homogeneous milk powder that will not leave residue in the bottle.

The dried milk powder is then packaged in a clean room under controlled atmosphere.

Our teams are constantly optimising the production parameters and inclusion of ingredients in order to ensure optimal quality of formulas in terms of reconstitution, taste, and health benefits, while meeting the nutritional needs of every infant.

Gérald ANDRIOT - 09-2021-Copyright-NathalieOundjian
Gérald Andriot Chief Executive Officer

Guaranteeing the nutritional quality and the safety of infant milks produced by our Cooperative are always our top priority. That is why we have always chosen state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing greater production reliability throughout the whole process. Our experience has taught us to use technology that combines all the ingredients in the liquid phase. In our view, this is a much safer process from a hygiene perspective compared with dry mixing. Lastly, we pay particular attention to the quality and traceability of the different ingredients that are used in our infant milk powders, which is a guarantee of safety and trust for our clients.