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Extensive expertise in producing infant milk formula

Over the decades, Isigny Sainte-Mère has built up vast expertise in producing infant milk powders with diverse and complex profiles. This experience is now enabling us to develop complex and varied formulations in order to formulate specific ranges for our customers and partners. We are committed to demonstrating our adaptability when faced with the most technical and precise requirements of the market, in order to meet the specific physiological needs of each infant.

Specific, tailor-made formulations

Each milk powder produced by Isigny Sainte-Mère is unique and custom designed to suit the requests of our customers, who market it under their own brand.

Our formulas are suited to the different needs and life stages of infants and their mother:

  • Infant starter formula
  • Follow-on formula
  • Growing-up formula (toddler milk)
  • Milk for pregnant mothers and breastfeeding women
  • Therapeutic milk intended for specific medical purposes (Hypoallergenic, Anti-Diarrhoea, Anti-Constipation, Comfort, Premature)

These milk powders for infants or mothers are produced using either conventional or organic local milk.

To ensure the consistent and optimal quality of the infant formula powders produced, we are constantly vigilant:

  • Monitoring of the latest international paediatric and nutritional recommendations
  • Support and compliance with the requirements of each customer in terms of regulations, nutrition and production.

Working closely with our customers and partners

Our teams work closely with all our customers and partners in order to offer them unique products that are perfectly suited to their needs, from regular formula powder to therapeutic formula powder, such as Anti-Reflux milk.

Dedicated teams develop these custom-made powders with our clients. Our experts also work with researchers, paediatricians and specialists in infant nutrition with a view to creating products that meet both the requirements of professionals as well as the needs of infants worldwide.

Personalised support

Our customers can count on the support and expertise of our Cooperative in the development and launch of their infant formula milk powders:

  • Specific formulation resulting in tailor-made infant milk
  • International regulatory study adapted to the country of sale
  • Reviewing the design and support with the printing process
  • Help with customs registration in the various countries of sale
A broad and varied range

The formulations for our products are constantly being optimised by a team of dedicated engineers and nutrition experts. Owing to this know-how, the quality of our milk powders is outstanding and they perfectly meet the nutritional needs of infants, young children and specific populations.

Because breast milk is the most suitable food for the specific needs of infants, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a baby’s life so that they benefit from the nutrients that are essential for their health and development.

Our packaging formats

Our production tools are suited to various types of packaging in order to meet the specific needs of our customers and offer them more flexibility.

We offer various packaging formats:

Metal tins (400g / 900g)
Sachets and boxes
20 / 25kg bags
Bulk bags

Each package is specific and adapted to the product range:

Everything is packaged under protective atmosphere with inert gases.

David Auzanneau Dry Products R&D Manager

All our infant formulas comply with French, European and international regulations as well as those of the country of sale. We have more than 300 formulas that are constantly being optimised by our team of dedicated engineers and experts in infant nutrition. Our formulas are aligned with the latest nutritional and paediatric recommendations, including those of international paediatric societies.